In my projects I attempt to pay tribute to all those who now once more I remember. To all those who have contributed their bit and contributed generously in my professional and personal trayectory.

Corinne Perez, my teacher, I caught from her the love and passion for this magical craft and was able to take my creative art that makes me so happy.

To Carlos Montosa, my theater mentor, I always appreciate his generosity and confidence.

To LilianaPereña , for her unconditional support throughout my career, and because she left me join her team many times.

To Isidre Prunés, for showing so much talent and always with a big smile.

To my friends without whom nothing would be the same, nor joys, nor comfort, nor the meetings or farewells. Lucho, Raul, Milú, Raimon M., Cintot A., Albert E, D. Xavi, Xavi C. and Igor, Leo, Tom, Gleenda, Peggy, Mercè R, Rosana, Ana C., Sally, Moncho, Martin S, Yolanda S., Miriam A, Miriam P, Miriam R, Pope F., Gloria A., Isa and Mikota, Montse T., and Mariona R., Sergi M., Agueda, to my friends from Banyoles Lidia R., Lidia A., Montse, Anna, Marga, Maria, Joana, Mireia ...

Thanks to all my family, my mom and my brothers and of course to Juan and to my sons Roc and Klaus, source of my inspiration, because with them, the sun rises every day.

Mariona Trias